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Case Interviews

Are you interested in management consulting and wondering what it takes to break into the industry? If so, it’s crucial that you understand the specific and specialized interview process management consulting firms utilize.

Management consulting interviews can be broken down into 2 main sections: the fit interview (check out our other videos) and the case interview. While the fit interview focuses on whether you’re a good match with the firm’s culture, the case interview requires you to solve business problems similar to those that the firm’s clients might face.

While each firm usually has a slightly different way of conducting its case interviews, there is a methodology and structure that most firms follow. To avoid walking out of a consulting interview with your tail between your legs (that’s the last thing we’d want!), we recommend you dedicate a significant amount of time to understanding case interviews and learning how to tackle them. These interviews are definitely NOT something you can successfully wing without prior preparation!

To aid you in starting your preparation, we’ve prepared the following videos for you. In these videos we cover what case interviews are, why consulting firms use them, and what consulting firms are specifically testing you for. Then we dive down to the next level and discuss topics like case structure and anatomy, case problem solving, the 2 case interview styles firms use, and common mistakes NOT to make during case interviews.

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What is a Case Interview?


Why Consulting Firms Use Case Interviews?

What Consulting Firms Are Looking for in Case Interviews?


Problem Solving


Case Interview Anatomy

Interviewer Led vs. Interviewee Led Cases

How We Can Help You

By now you should have a better idea of what case interviews are. If you are planning to interview with a management consulting firm, we’d recommend you start practicing case interviews at least 2 months in advance.

Want help preparing? Here are 2 ways we can assist:

If you are a self-directed learner, work your way through the 300+ pages of The Consulting Interview Bible. In there, you’ll find:

  • 300+ outline and instruction pages covering every conceivable topic central to consulting interviews – from general preparation tips to why interviewers ask specific fit questions, from tips on analyzing charts to bottom-up approaches for sizing questions.
  • 4 versatile frameworks that can be used to solve every case, every time.
  • 16 cases that you can do on your own or use to practice with a partner. These are based on realistic company problems, structured in the style of a 1:1 live interview, and include scoring keys modeled off those used at M/B/B. They’re comprehensive, complex, and will be more challenging than any you’ll face from the likes of Bain and BCG.

Prefer working one–on–one with our ex–MBB staff? Try our Consulting Interview Prep services. According to last year’s results, clients who went through our interview preparation process were 18.3x more likely to receive an offer at their desired management consulting firm.

If you have any questions about case interviews or anything relating to consulting, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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