What: Conducting an Informational Interview
When: April 8, 2020

Thanks for joining our conversation on how to effectively conduct an informational interview. Once you figure out how to write a cold networking email, people will write you back! So get prepared for those conversations now.

If you missed the call or just want a recap, access the recording below. Have questions after listening? Write us! If you need a resume edit before you begin networking, purchase one below to work with our expert team.

Networking for Consulting
You can't ace the interview without first landing the interview. That's where Networking for Consulting comes in!  Buckle up as we begin a journey in to landing you the consulting job of your dreams! Networking for Consulting includes:
  • MC's 5 Rules of Networking
  • Our 10 action steps to land a referral
  • Cold email and phone scripts
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