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  • Mental Math For Consulting

    41 Lessons

    How do mental math skills help during case interviews? Case interviews are a test of your business acumen, problem solving skills, and quantitative abilities. Interviewers will toss you math tasks intermixed with business problems. They will keep score of how…

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  • Networking for Consulting

    39 Lessons

    You may think you know how to network, but do you know how to effectively and actively build and maintain beneficial connections? To successfully land a consulting position, you absolutely must. Lucky for you, we’ve released our Networking for Consulting course specifically…

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  • Mental Math for Consultingx

    32 Lessons

    Welcome to Management Consulted’s Mental Math for Consulting course. This course is for those of you who are preparing for case interviews and/or life on the job as well as those who just want to sharpen up their math skills.…

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  • Real Estate Roadmap: Pathway to Financial Freedom

    11 Lessons

    Paul and Jenny Rae Le Roux are a hip young couple who went from no real estate experience 5 years ago to owning 13 houses today. How did they go from knowing nothing about the real estate market to using…

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  • PowerPoint for Consulting

    40 Lessons

    You may think you know PowerPoint, but do you know to effectively present to persuade? To be a successful consultant, you absolutely must. Lucky for you, we’ve released our PowerPoint for Consulting course specifically to highlight how to use PowerPoint…

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  • MC Starter Pack

    53 Lessons

    Howdy, and welcome to the MC Starter Pack, your one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to embark on the journey of a lifetime in to the consulting world! Included here are 50+ of videos that run the gamut from fit interviews…

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  • The Independent Consultant's Toolkit

    33 Lessons

    Welcome to the Consulting CEO Bootcamp, the bootcamp for any and everyone who wants to start their own business. Over the course of X lessons, we'll be taking you through the ins, the outs, the highs and the lows of starting your own consulting business. Drawing on years of experience at the highest level of business, we held a little CEO Bootcamp with a few really amazing people, turned the cameras on and let loose. Then, after our Bootcamp, we got in touch with some businesses and entrepreneurs and invited them to a consultation with Jenny Rae. You get to watch as paradigms get smashed into 1000 pieces and business owners get reenergized and recalibrated, ready.

  • Mental Math Bootcamp

    29 Lessons
  • Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bootcamp - Online

    33 Lessons
  • Fit Interview Bootcamp

    32 Lessons