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Business Strategy from a Consulting Perspective

When we asked Fortune 1000 managers what skill differentiated a top performer, “a focus on what is important” was the #1 answer. The ability to identify what is most important separates strategists from analysts.

Welcome to Strategy Simplified – we slice through business jargon to get to the simple heart of business strategy. Hosted by Management Consulted – the world’s largest website on management and consulting – Strategy Simplified uses case studies and conversations to apply business strategy concepts.

What does Disney’s cost structure tell us about Disney+? Can Uber ever be profitable? What does an iced coffee company have to do with U.S. car manufacturers?

Enter the world of Strategy Simplified and find out.

Strategy Simplified Podcast - Listen on AppleStrategy Simplified Podcast - Listen on Spotify
Strategy Simplified Podcast - Listen on Google

I've been following the Strategy Simplified podcast and have to say the episodes shed a lot of insight on the application process, and help to solidify Management Consulted as a top resource in the arena.

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I seriously would be lost without the newsletter emails, YouTube videos, and Strategy Simplified.

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