McKinsey Announces Earliest Application Deadlines Ever

McKinsey recently announced its earliest undergraduate application deadlines ever (and BCG and Bain quickly followed suit). For full-time BA (Business Analyst) roles and internships, the first deadline is July 19th, while the second deadline is September 16th. McKinsey will prioritize applications for full-time roles for this first application deadline.

This first deadline will sneak up quickly! You can also expect summertime interviews to feel a little different, as they will most likely be conducted virtually.

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2021 Application Deadlines the Earliest Ever for McKinsey

After a slowdown at the very beginning of the pandemic, hiring at McKinsey is back and stronger than ever. The mid-July deadline – and a second deadline in mid-September – is the earliest undergraduate application deadline ever for The Firm. The firm is prioritizing full-time applicants for the first deadline. 1st round interviews will likely happen in early to mid-August. And yes – even with the uptick in hiring, these spots are still as competitive as ever.

Taking advantage of the early deadline will boost your chances of landing an offer, since McKinsey fills spots on a rolling basis. That means now is the time to think through your plan.

What You Should be Doing to Prepare

Nabbing a coveted spot with McK & Co. comes down to a combination of case prep, behavioral prep, having a killer resume, and networking. Perform a self-audit and make a plan. Are you a case beginner? Or did your recruit last year and just need a tune-up? We recommend out-loud practice with a partner or expert to get you interview ready. You can even work with an ex-McKinsey coach on our team for targeted case practice.

On the behavioral side, build out your arsenal of experiential stories – you should have 12-15 before you walk into an interview – and practice with a friend! The intersection of impactful and succinct is the sweet spot you want to hit.

Compared to firms with a local office model (i.e., Bain, BCG), McKinsey is not as “heavy” on the networking front. That said, we always recommend networking ahead of time so that you can name drop in your application materials and so that you have conversations to reference in your interviews. The comparative lack of emphasis on networking means that your resume has to be that much better for McKinsey applications.


As the economy recovers from the effects of the pandemic, consulting hiring is ramping up – although the process remains highly competitive. With McKinsey, it always helps to be an early-deadline applicant. Get ahead of your prep, make a plan, and most importantly – think about what your unique “X-factor” is. Work with our team of MBB coaches to give yourself the best shot in the process!

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