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Drive your team to focus on what is most important and motivate action from key stakeholders.

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Help end boring meetings at your org

There is one goal of any business presentation: gain buy-in and motivate action. Yet how many presentations have you sat through (or led) that waste time, leaving you no closer to achieving anything?

A live Management Consulted training will enable you to identify key actions you want the audience to take, build a narrative story, and curate it for key stakeholders.

You will learn how to:

  • Deliver the right message at the right time
  • Simplify the complex so that you communicate insights, not information
  • Build a narrative story that flows and is memorable
  • Communicate clearly in presentations and emails

We customize our training based on materials submitted from your team to help shift the culture and mindset of your organization. Here’s what you get:

  • – 2 days of live, virtual training (4 hours each day)
  • – Video-based pre-work
  • – Tailored instruction and real-time feedback from expert instructors
  • – Small group breakout sessions
  • – Robust interaction and discussion
  • – A 1:1 follow-up session for each trainee
  • – Accompanying resources for long-term transformation
Customized Live Training

Drive your team to focus on what is most important and motivate action from key stakeholders.

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Here’s what you’ll walk away with after a Management Consulted training:

  • Increased influence both inside and outside of your organization
  • A roadmap to faster impact
  • A clear presentation creation process that will save you time and result in shorter presentations
  • Fluff-free slides and emails
  • An ability to identify what your stakeholders care about

Why Management Consulted?

Training that uses your team’s materials to enable quick transformation? Check.

Workshop-style sessions that focus on application? Absolutely.

Facilitators who are practitioners? Of course.

Management Consulted’s expertise has been honed over 10 years of working with Fortune 1000 partners. We’ve seen it all, and we tailor your organization’s training experience to align with your culture and specific desired outcomes.

In turn, your teams don’t just become better presenters – they are empowered to turn data into stories that drive action.

The first session has already had a big impact. Our VP of Sales has really embraced the principle and is using it in her prospect pitches. She nailed a pitch yesterday to a big prospect.

Senior VP, Fortune 1000 Company

I very much enjoyed the training. It was excellent, and I was able to pick up valuable tips from you and your team.

Director, Life Sciences Consulting Firm
Bain Atlanta Picture

MC gave our firm a consistent language and more structured approach to creating compelling arguments.

The training was great to provide best practices with context and authority based on real world experiences. I believe it really helped our team build consensus around frameworks and structures we can use to improve our work product.

Really great overview of principles, and our group came away with some great questions to answer in the near-term. We have actionable next steps we can apply to our work.

This training session was extremely useful. A huge part of the value was having common language and tools to be used across our team going forward.

I feel as though my skill set in conveying my message concisely has improved.

Namaan, Stephanie, the session was perfect – you guys did such a great job with engaging everyone around the world and the time was truly well spent!


Namaan, thank you for sharing great insights! Your ability to quickly assess what needs to be communicated and how is unparalleled.

We are standardizing this approach across our team and have worked it into our templates. The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Partner, boutique consulting firm

Get the best out of your teams

Stakeholders don’t need more analysts. They need advisors.

And developing audience-centric stories is what allows your team to make the jump from sharing information to sharing insights.

Customized Storytelling Training

Drive your team to focus on what is most important and motivate action from key stakeholders.

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