How to Become a Killer Financial Modeler

Most readers of this site have heard of Mergers and Inquisitions (M&I). In fact, many of you probably discovered Management Consulted through it – that’s how big it’s become.

Why, 100,000 readers a month can’t all be wrong

Brian’s the driving force behind M&I, a former investment banker, a fellow Stanford alum, and a good friend.

Since its inception, M&I has become the most informative source on recruiting for and working in banking. Not only does he provide an insider’s perspective on the industry, he clearly knows what he’s talking about. After all, not everyone can explain private equity recruiting in 2,550 words.

Why you should head over to Mergers and Inquisitions after reading

If you’re at all interested in finance, you’ll understand that modeling skills are a critical component of breaking into and surviving the job. To a lesser extent, those same skills (especially the resulting familiarity with Excel) are not just useful for consultants – they are essential.

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It’s an impossible skill to learn by yourself. You need someone to teach you, and then you actually need to get hands-on experience.

There are many financial modeling courses out there. Wall Street Prep. Training The Street. They’re expensive, boring, and – having been through one myself – you’ll forget what you’ve learned before the day’s over.

However, Brian’s developed an updated training program that hasĀ make them all very, very nervous.

I’ve had the opportunity to examine the course. I feel guilty saying this, but I was just the slightest bit jealous that he’s built something this sophisticated.

Without giving away too much, the product uses a series of videos to teach critical financial concepts in Excel from the ground up. Brian shows you how to build models, step-by-step, and he knows what he’s doing. The actual Excel files are included for viewers to follow along with each step, and there’s a support system for getting every conceivable question that you have answered.

It’s clearly helpful if you want to break into finance. But it’s also helpful for prospective consultants – because let’s face it, you can’t get very far in management consulting without a comfortable understanding of financial concepts.

Have you heard consultants complaining about their 90-hour weeks? Those are the same consultants that have no idea how to walkthrough a DCF. I guarantee it.

Run, don’t walk, over to M&I and view the videos – you’ll understand

I’ve never promoted a third-party product until today. I wouldn’t be doing so if I didn’t think it’d be worth 100% of your time, and 1000% of the price you’ll pay.

Hint: it’s absurdly low and I’ve told him that repeatedly but lucky for you, the guy won’t listen.

Head over there now. You’ll become a WACC wizard in no time.

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