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Landing a KPMG interview is your gateway into working with one of the Big 4 consulting firms. KPMG is headquartered in the Netherlands and is a global network consisting of independent member firms with a giant number of global employees (200,000+).

A “Big 4” firm, KPMG offers tax, audit, and client advisory services – this article will focus on KPMG advisory roles. With such a wide range and headcount, the KPMG interview process is highly structured at the undergrad level, but recruiting practices are flexible by office for experienced hires.

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What is the KPMG interview like?

The KPMG interview focuses a great deal on your technical knowledge and fit with the firm. So, expect the KPMG interview questions to focus on those two areas. The interview is structured, predictable, and without a lot of surprises. Albeit, it can still be a potentially grilling experience, although many candidates find the interviews to be more informal and collegiate in nature vs. interrogational.

Behavioral interviews are a norm at KPMG. You may need to specifically ask if you need to be prepared for a case interview, although most candidates should prepare for an interviewee-led case interview.

You may never have to solve a formal case, which is not what you can expect at KPMG’s Big 4 competitors. However, at a bare minimum, be prepared for market sizing questions.

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Interview Process

Expect to be grilled on all fronts including being asked behavioral interview questions. Your technical skills will be a focus early on in the KPMG interview process. How you would fit within the organization is also being evaluated closely.

You will begin the KPMG interview process with an online assessment/pre-screen. This is followed by a phone or on-campus interview. Expect 2-3 panel interviews in person with 2-3 KPMG senior managers for each interview.

You can expect another possible round of panel interviews with your future manager should you make it past the first set of panel interviews. You could potentially experience a super day filled with multiple interviews. A case would show up in a one-on-one interview, if at all. Finally, expect a partner to interview if you make it to the final stage of the interview process.

Expect the whole KPMG interview process to last about a month before you learn if you have the job.

How Is the KPMG Interview Unique?

The KPMG interview is formulaic, far from spontaneous, and more of a social experience. You could feel like you are being interviewed by a robot – but a super nice one. The KPMG interview questions have an emphasis on cultural fit and less on strategy. KPMG does not have a boutique consulting arm and they plan to train you once you are hired.

By the time you reach your last interviews, you will be evaluated more for fit and future performance with clients. By this stage it is assumed you know enough, but the question now is: “How will you collaborate with KPMG team members and function with KPMG’s clients?”

You will be evaluated for how well you have done your homework on KPMG. Do you appear to know the company well? Have you looked into and know its values? Do you know where specifically you would best fit within the organization and where you would bring the most value?

The answers to all of these questions will come into play in your first few interviews, so do your research on KPMG and be prepared to provide detailed answers. KPMG interview prep is key!

KPMG Interview Structure

Expect about 50-75 percent behavioral-based questions and 25-50% case-based. Expect behavioral/fit to come first. You can expect approximately 10 behavioral questions and time for you to ask questions at the end.

KPMG Interview Prep– What You Need to Do

  1. Have 15 behavioral stories prepared ahead of your KPMG interview. Practice how you would tell the story out loud.
  2. Practice at least 10 market sizing questions out loud in advance of your interview – preferably with an expert.
  3. Have 3 questions ready to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.
  4. Prepare for a presentation-style group interview – this is where you have to analyze data and develop a deck in an hour or less. Be careful about the role you play on a team.
  5. Prepare to solve a full case as you may still be asked to solve one. Most likely, it will be a fairly simple profit case with either growth or cost-cutting as the focus. There is a 10% or smaller chance you could get a topical situational interview (i.e. we are handling post-merger integration communication. Who should be included and what are their roles?).
  6. Reach out to one to two people at your prospective level and a level above at KPMG. They can help you understand what to expect during the interview process. They may also help you network within the organization, and possibly provide a reference for you ahead of your interview.

Next Steps for Interview Prep – How We Can Help You

Now that you understand what to expect at the KPMG interview, don’t underestimate the interview prep required. You should spend 4 hours preparing for a KMPG interview at a minimum.

KPMG provides its employees great experience, training and exit opportunities. We are here to help you in your KPMG interview prep. Our expert coaches prepare hundreds of candidates each year for success.

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